We keep your business safe

Would you like to protect your installation and operators against dust or gas explosions and process fires?

Look no further! StuvEx's explosion protection services make sure that every step of your production process is free of risks. We design, implement and maintain systems that protect you against dust or gas explosions and fires in the processing industry.

Vent panel Earthing control TES01 Vent panel with flame arrester Flash powder injection Pressure release valve with integrated flame arresters Ventex flap valve Psd spark detection Earthing control S804 PDS/PDP Pressure detector Fast Shutting Gate Valve Non-return valve H₂O extinguishing


StuvEx will get you the right equipment at the right price. But we can do more! We will gladly: offer turnkey projects, perform cold and hot commissioning and manage your projects for you. Take advantage of all the expertise we have to offer. 


StuvEx does more than just provide you with the right explosion protection system. We provide worry free maintenance services for components or complete systems against the lowest possible downtime.