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Earthing Control S804 - Big Bags

Uncontrolled electrostatic discharge when filling or unloading big bags is a frequent source of ignition. 
The earthing Control System (S804) recognises the conductivity of an FIBC (Big Bag) type C.



The ATEX certified Earthing Control S804 consists of a control unit, an earth clamp and a cable or cable reel. 
Conforms to IEC/TS 6007932-1:2013.

 The control unit handles five functions:

  • Monitoring the quality of the clamp connection
  • Recognition of the object to be earthed
  • Connection of the object to earth. Since the static electricity is safely discharged through the control unit, no sparks are generated at the clamp.
  • Potential free contact for the release of the loading and unloading functions.
  • Status indication lights.


S804 (IP)