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Earthing Control S604 - barrels

An electrostatic charge can be generated while handling conductive liquids or powders.  A resistive system (S604) recognises the low conductive resistance of the object and of fixed installations. It is meant for general use with barrels, carts, metal objects. ...

The ATEX certified system consists of a control unit, an earth clamp and an optional cable reel.

The control unit handles five functions:

  • Monitoring the quality of the clamp connection
  • Recognition of the object to be earthed
  • Connection of the object to earth. Since the static electricity is safely discharged through the control unit, no sparks are generated at the clamp.
  • Potential free contact for the release of the loading and unloading functions.
  • Conforms to IEC 60079-32-1:2013 and NFPA77:2014
  • Status indication lights.

S604 2GD EEx ia